I am over the moon to launch my journal, Viola Borealis. This is the platform where you can find out in greater details what inspires my playing and teaching. Viola Borealis is your new go-to blog for slow living, mindfulness and music-related content.

Some background informations about the project and how it got started: UBC School of Music is taking active steps into creating a healthy environment for their students. As part of UBC’s wellness committee, I had the chance in November to present the basic principles of Sports Psychology to the music students : Athletes in the practice room. When posting about this event on my social media, there was quite a demand both in the comments and in private messages to make this content available online. You have been heard! 

Today, I am thrilled to be giving another talk on a related topic : Practice Journal and Time Management. These organizational tools have been part of my practice for years and I could have never done all of my dream projects without them! Vancouver community, please drop by today, January 17th at 12pm in Gessler Hall (UBC).

For my first journal entry, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you a research that I did a few years back while at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University, on the benefits of meditation for musicians: The Art of Zen Music Playing.

Stay tuned for new content coming up in the next few months, as I am at the early stages of a research on Sports Psychology applied to musicians, under the supervision of Dr. Gordon Bloom at the McGill University.

For my official website:

Thank you Paule Trudel-Bellemare for another beautiful artwork!

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Welcome to the journal of Marina Thibeault, viola soloist, recording artist and educator. This is the platform to find out more about everything that inspires her playing and her teaching! Viola Borealis is your new go-to blog for slow living, mindfulness and music-related content.

One thought on “ANNOUCEMENTS!

  1. Je suis ravie de découvrir votre blog. Je vous écrit en français car mon Anglais est déplorable, juste suffisant pour vous lire 😂. Vous êtes une belle personne très inspirante , c’est le podcast tricot qui m’a permis de vous découvrir. Bravo


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